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B.A.P.,which stands for Best Absolute Perfect, is a 6 member boy group in South Korea, signed to TS Entertainment along with a 4 member girl group, Secret. The group consists of rapper and leader Bang YongGuk, Visual Kim HimChan, Vocalists Yoo YoungJae and Jung DaeHyun, dancer Moon JongUp, and rapper and maknae, Choi Zelo. Two members had already been doing activity before the groups official debut, HimChan had been MCing along side HyeRi from Girls Day, and YongGuk had done duo activities with Song JiEun from Secret, Yang YoSeob from BEAST, then a few months before the debut, with Zelo, B.A.P.'s maknae. All six members have Twitters, and three have Instagrams. Please go to the Social Networking tag below for links. When on tags such as 'Selcas' and 'Pre Debut', endless scroll seems to not work with this layout so to go to the next page, type /page/2, /page/3, etc in the URL. Im sorry.
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I’m sorry

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HimChan Predebut